Operator Subscription

As part of their commitment to the network association, Cerberus Members will commit to conducting all new commercial partnerships with any Cerberus Operator Subscribers (Affiliate Programmes) through the Cerberus Network and, where required, its account managers, who will work with Members to ensure their commercial objectives are met.

Cerberus Network is inviting applications from affiliate programmes servicing operator brands licensed in the following regulated markets to become Operator Subscribers:

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • United States (New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado)

Cerberus Network will add further regulated markets to its membership in due course.

Operator Subscribers gain access to:

  • New Commercial Opportunities with Leading Affiliates in Key Regulated Markets
  • Cerberus-only coverage on Affiliate Member sites/assets to ensure sufficient value-add activity in the event of active relationships
  • Affiliates further committing to building Operational Compliance in Regulated Markets
  • Affiliates further developing & engaging in Social Responsibility activities in Regulated Markets
  • Affiliates seeking genuine, positive change in Regulated Markets
  • Ability to serve the Cerberus Subscriber Mark on their affiliate programme website & communications
  • Industry-leading Affiliate Management Training Courses
  • Opportunities for their staff to participate in Cerberus Affiliate Foundation activities
  • Delivering Real, Positive Change to protect the vulnerable in society
  • A Network Association committed to protecting the interests of the industry and of its stakeholders – from operators & affiliates to their customers

To apply for subscription, Operator Affiliate Programmes must:

  1. Have appropriate licenses to participate in one or more of the markets Cerberus Members operate
  2. Be deemed compliant & socially responsible by Cerberus Network
  3. Pay Subscription Fee of £2,000 per month to access the Cerberus Network
  4. Engage Cerberus members who are committed to concluding deals with vetted operator subscribers via the Cerberus network & account managers.
  5. Tag all newly-referred members to Cerberus’ sub-affiliate account in their affiliate programme and contribute a 5% revenue share on all monthly net revenue derived from members’ player referrals on those new deals to the Cerberus Affiliate Fund (note, this will not apply to to existing partnerships)
  6. Not have publicly closed down affiliate operations, but remained operationally active in one or more of the markets covered by Cerberus Network in the past 5 years

Affiliate Management Academy

Operator Subscribers will have access to virtual and face-to-face Affiliate Management Academy by Totally Gaming Academy courses for up to 3 staff (3 courses total) over a 12 month period:

  • Introduction to Affiliate Management
  • Advanced Affiliate Management
  • Affiliate Programme Strategy

Heads of Affiliates completing the Affiliate Programme Strategy course will be invited to become Cerberus Ambassadors and will be invited to the Cerberus Affiliate Programme Symposium.

Affiliate Programme Terms & Market Withdrawal

Note: Cerberus will not engage in determining whether affiliate programme terms and conditions are “predatory” or similar. It remains the responsibility of the Affiliate Member to conduct commercial due diligence.

However, any affiliate programme which suspends affiliate operations en masse whilst the brand(s) remain active in any regulated market listed above during the course of its subscription period will have its subscription terminated and those who have publicly done so in the past 5 years may not become subscribers.

Operator Subscription
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