Cerberus Affiliate Foundation

Members agree to exclusively establishing new commercial relationships with Cerberus-vetted operator subscribers established through Cerberus Network, which receives a master affiliate revenue share on top of any commission agreed between the affiliate member and the operator.

Revenues accrued here build funds for the Cerberus Affiliate Foundation, an industry social responsibility programme, which:

  1. Establishes The Grassroots Women’s Football Fund to provide support for one of the most poorly funded sports in its members’ markets
  2. Finances research in to gambling harm and engages in support for smaller charities in its members markets
  3. Provide Compliance & Social Responsibility Grants to Start Up affiliate businesses worth up to £2,000
  4. Provides post-COVID-19 support grants to Members

The Cerberus Affiliate Foundation will become a registered charitable company in the UK, operating as a separate business entity. Early-stage members may be invited to become trustees of the charity and all Members are entitled to become members of the charity.