Cerberus Network

The iGaming Affiliate Network Association

What is the Cerberus Network?

Every affiliate business has this under T in its SWOT analysis:

Potential restrictions of market regulation

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Each and every business must identify the threats it faces. For most iGaming affiliate businesses, these threats are principally external and – until now – deemed beyond our control, no matter the size and reach of any single affiliate company.

The threats posed by missteps in regulation are huge, with constant calls for more restrictive legislation following failings of individual outlying third-party marketers and unlicensed operators in mature and new markets.

Only by uniting to drive widespread positive change to raise standards, can we reduce this threat by impacting policy in the markets in which we operate

Cerberus Network seeks to represent the good guys:

  • Those who want to do more to protect their operator partners and – most importantly – the customers they share
  • Those who want the compliance & educational tools they need to do this all in one placesaving time and building efficiency
  • Those who believe that they market responsibly, but are keen to improve and be more socially responsible
  • Those affiliates who are seeking real, positive change for the industry.

Cerberus Network is a hybrid of an affiliate network and trade association, leveraging the best components of both to create an inclusive structure that welcomes affiliates of all shapes and sizes.

What We Offer

1) Learning & development initiatives for members and their staff to build personal growth & understanding of compliance and social responsibilities

2) The development of compliance & social responsibility tools to raise operational standards

3) Establishing the Cerberus Affiliate Foundation fund, an iGaming affiliate industry social responsibility programme

4) Engaging operator partners in these programmes to further relationships, trust and cooperation on key challenges facing the iGaming affiliate industry in regulated markets around the world.

5) Offering grants to start-up affiliates to allow them to grow and sustain responsibly.

6) Deployment of the Cerberus Standard Marks (Silver, Gold and Platinum) across Member publishing portfolios to make Members easily identifiable to customers.

Cerberus Network serves the iGaming affiliate industry in regulated markets around the world. We aim to protect the interests of our members, the industry and the customers we serve by promoting social responsibility, compliance and the creation of a safer gambling environment.

The Time is Now

The iGaming affiliate industry remains under huge scrutiny, particularly in the UK, where there are media and political calls for affiliate activity to be restricted and further regulated. Cerberus Network aims to provide guidance, support and technology for affiliates across multiple markets to demonstrate and build both compliance and social responsibility.

Efforts to establish a working trade association for affiliates have been frustrating, with challenging barriers to entry. Cerberus Network seeks to remove those friction points and move the industry forward globally.

Cerberus Network is conceived by Tom Galanis, MD of TAG Media. Tom has been at the forefront of collective affiliate action on compliance and social responsibility since 2016 and has previously pursued this through the International Gaming Affiliate Association and the All Party Betting & Gaming Group’s Working Group on Affiliate Marketing.

Who is it for?

Affiliates – all shapes and sizes, across all regulated markets

Affiliates active in all verticals and all regulated markets can apply for membership, priced at £399 per year, which sees them commit to a Code of Conduct covering compliance, social responsibility and learning & development progression.

These affiliates seek to protect the customers utilising their products and services as they refer them to operator partners. They also seek to protect their businesses from macroenvironmental pressures and the collective impetus Cerberus will bring will serve to shape and reinforce their operating environment.

They are affiliates seeking real, positive change for the industry. They are the good guys.

Licensed Operators – vetted by Cerberus

Operators will benefit from Cerberus as it will become a vehicle for furthering compliance and true social responsibility. It will give them confidence in commercially approaching members and allow them to build a positive narrative for growing their affiliate budgets and activity. Affiliate Programmes are invited to participate as Operator Subscribers in order to gain access to the network and support our social responsibility endeavours. There is a charge of £2,000 per month plus 5% revenue share on all new deals on the network. This revenue share will fund the Cerberus Affiliate Foundation.


Whilst Cerberus Network is not set up with a purpose of demonstrating effective self-regulation, this will be a positive by-product. Cerberus Network will be established with the ability to assist and recommend ‘affiliate license’ scoping across markets.

The Players & the Wider Public

Cerberus Network Membership is structured so as to engage any affiliate, in any vertical and of any size, seeking to achieve a critical mass of membership in each active market within year 1 and to deliver positive change for the industry and societies we operate in.

Our Cerberus Standard Mark programme will allow customers who are prospecting gambling opportunities through affiliate marketing to easily identify Cerberus Members, building trust and delivering increased standards by which those customers are marketed to.

Cerberus Network is set up to ensure that the future for the industry is geared towards protecting the players we serve.