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A Letter from Tom Galanis

Hi there,

You may know that I’ve been striving for collective action to sure up affiliates’ position in the iGaming market for quite some time. Those efforts saw RAIG spring into life last year, but unfortunately a traditional trade association has been unable to engender sufficient membership to meet the objectives I laid out for it.

Being open and honest with you – and I’m sure this rings true to many – I have been busy on other projects over the past few years to maintain the course I set out on several years ago.

Cerberus Network represents an opportunity for me to combine my commercial business interests with a genuinely altruistic passion for making the industry we work in more sustainable for all of us and to ensure that affiliate marketing raises its standards and is represented in the best possible light to the world beyond.

Cerberus Network is an affiliate network association. It is not a ‘union’ to combat operator principles we may deem unsavoury or a ‘trade association’ in its traditional sense, but a low margin commercial entity being set up to protect your interests as an affiliate from a macroenvironmental perspective.

The logic of involving operator affiliate programmes in this process is to reduce the upfront costs of membership that have seen other attempts at trade associations falter. Their involvement will also serve to organically build more trust amongst affiliates of all sizes and our operator partners.

Our activities are designed to further your business’ compliance in the markets you operate in and engage you in collective social responsibility projects that will show the iGaming affiliate industry in the best possible light to regulators, legislators, the media and the wider public. This will serve to protect your business and – most importantly – the end customers we serve together.

I believe that achieving a critical mass of affiliate members is vital for this network association to become the voice that the iGaming affiliate industry desperately needs as regulation extends around the world and I’d love you to join me in solidifying our place in this market.

Kind regards,

Tom Galanis

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